Should I Try Freelancing?

Should I Try Freelancing?

Today, a freelancing career can be an option for many people to earn money. With more than
10 benefits, freelance marketing careers are now highly sought after and seen as valuable
For people who want to build your career in freelancing, you must know basic information
about freelancing. So, here are details about freelancing that you should know before you
start it.

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What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is typically work that is hired on a project-by-project basis for a specific period of time. A person that works as a freelancer, commonly working for the creative industry, such as graphic design, copywriting, creative writing, digital marketing and others. However, with the modern era many fields of business try to use freelancers as well. For example a personal assistant. In the past, being a personal assistant individual must stand by for a side boss. Follow what the boss did every day, and always be ready with the boss’ needs. However, in freelance as a personal assistant, you don’t need to always be on the side of your boss. Either your boss has an outside meeting with a client, and you are at home, it can happen. In the USA, according to data, only between 2014 to 2020, there were over 59 million people working as freelancing. These numbers have continued to rise until now, furthermore after the pandemic covid 19, many people valued freedom when working.

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What’s Freelancing Benefits?

With so many freelancers, it’s impossible for freelancing not to offer numerous benefits, one of benefits that you know are the freedom of time and location to work. As a freelancer, you can do your task anywhere. The important thing is the time to submit the work according to the agreement. Actually, this is related to a freelancer not needing the same country with the company where they work. Freelancer can connect to clients from anywhere in the world, even if they have a different time zone, with more prevalent digital communication tools and remote collaboration platforms. From this flexibility, also make the freelancer and client can reach to tap into global opportunities.

Beside that, the benefit of freelancing that you can get is you can work for multiple companies so that you get multiple sources of income. Then, with your ability in self-management, you can control what the job that you want to pick and do, and not. Because you met a different client, it also influences you to improve your skill and expand your knowledge in many different things. Ultimately, working as a freelancer, getting these benefits that make you create your work-life balance.

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How to Start Freelancing?

After you know the benefits as a freelancer, of course you want to become one. Here are steps that you will have to consider: First step that you must do is, what is your motivation to join as a freelancer? Is that for a side gig? Or full-time freelancing? What is your specialization? And what service will you offer? Then, after you know what your specialization is, you can teach yourself to find what your prospective niche is and stick to it. This one aims to build your experience to get a reputation for one specific line of work. Next, you can set your freelance rates by your experience. For example, in photography you have experience in wedding your cousin or you were a full timer for it? You can explain it in your portfolio that you build for your profile. Input your education and the other experience that is related to your job will persuade clients. Then, let’s find your first client! You can try freelance job platforms/websites, join the community and others. Especially for those who have no experience that you want to try to be freelancing, you can try with a job that you think you can do to create your experience.

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Most Questions About Freelancing What skills are needed to become a freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer, for sure, requires several skills that you must have. These skills are divided into these parts: technical, professional and other skills. Technical is the specific skill that you need for work. For example, if you are a photographer, you need to have a camera operator’s skill or editing skills. Then, for professional skills. It is a skill that you need for communicating, either interpersonal or intrapersonal for negotiating with clients or self-management yourself. Then, the last one is the other skill. It is all your skills that are related with your hobbies or knowledge.

What are the challenges of freelancing?

The most frequent challenge of freelancing is finding clients, especially for new freelancers. This involves prospecting, networking, and marketing oneself effectively to secure consistent work opportunities. Then, freelancers also face the challenge of managing their workload, ability to prioritize tasks, balancing with lifetime and others.

Conclusion of Freelancing Job Essentially, freelancing is a job that works project-by-project basis for a specific period of time. Freelancing offers many benefits that you can get, such as freedom of time and space. With the rise of digital communication tools and remote collaboration platforms this job gets a rise in numbers each year after the pandemic Covid 19 then. Also, with the technology, freelancers can find their clients anywhere in the world, including clients that have a different time. That opens a chance for whoever wants to work with flexibility, any field, and any age to earn money from anywhere. Thus, if you are interested in exploring the other topic about career, check out here. For you a fresh graduate that is confused about your career paths, or you are a student who is looking for a career path dream, there is something for everyone. Discover information about your career goals, including skills that you need with Career Growler! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s visit today!

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